Series 220 Closet Door


Woodfold’s Series 220 closet door is the ideal choice when a simple and space saving solution is needed. Finished on both sides and using the same hinged hardware system as our other series, the 220 is a perfect solution for this specific application. It can also be used in other spaces where a latch closure is not required.

Product Specifications

  • Panels: 4¼” wide by ¼” thick; medium density fiberboard.
  • Material: MDF, available in laminated or hardwood veneer faces front and back.
  • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection.
  • Track: 1-1/8″ x 1″ aluminum, dark bronze or clear finish.
  • Wheels: Nylon wheels on Lexan axle.
  • Catch: Dual Magnets with strike plates.
  • Width: Up to 8’ 0″.
  • Height: Up to 8’ 1″.
  • Stacking Space: 1¼” per foot, plus 7/8″ for sweptwing handle.
  • Note: Series 220 functions as a single door only (no pairs), without keylock options.

* Woodfold’s Series 220, 240, 440 and 540 have been tested for ADA compliance for opening load force per ADA/BOMA SEC 4.1311. Tests were conducted by MEI Charlton, Inc., Portland, OR. Certain ADA applications may call for specific handle location placement which should be specified when door is ordered.

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