Series 640 Alumifold Room Divider

Woodfold’s Alumifold Series 640 is the ideal choice for a variety of installations. Woodfold’s exclusive steel hardware hinge system ensures simple operation as well as exceptional strength and durability. Design options include solid or perforated aluminum panels in five finishes delivering the privacy and security you are looking for with eye-catching style.

Product Specifications

  • Panels: 4-1/4″ wide solid or perforated aluminum 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl color-coordinated to panels 
  • Track: 1-1/8″ x 1″ aluminum, dark bronze, clear (silver) or gold finish; curvable option available 
  • Wheels: Nylon wheels on steel axles with ball bearings supplied as standard
  • Lead Post: 3/4″ x 2-3/4″ color coordinated to panel connectors
  • Jamb Molding: 1″ wide x 3/8″ deep aluminum
  • Latch: Deadlatch with thumbturn two sides; other options available
  • Handles: Molded PVC with finger recess
  • Width: No limitation 
  • Height: Up to 10’1″
  • Stacking Space: 1-1/4″ per foot plus 2-3/4″ for lead post
  • Stacking Width: 5”

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