Woodfold Manufacturing

The Refined Solution For Dividing Spaces

Commercial to Residential, institutional to industrial

Woodfold can help you define the space.

Accordion Doors

Create the space you need

Custom built accordion doors to your specification and finishes. Make the most of your space with instant flexibility.

Acoustic Partitions

The stylish solution for quiet spaces

A popular and necessary choice where noise reduction is the goal. An excellent solution for group rooms in religious facilities, offices, hotels meeting rooms and restaurants.


Secure your spaces with ease

Industrial grade, secure, lockable and with no thresholds allowing for easy movement and airflow.


Safe, strong and space saving

We are a leading manufacturer of custom residential elevator doors. We offer a myriad of options to OEMs and qualified contractors.


Quality crafted for a distinctive style

The perfect answer to a hotel’s back bar or separating food service area access. Safe and secure for separating public access from services areas. Custom made, custom stained and a wide range of wood species to match any decor.


Special items to accent your space

Woodfold has a long history of manufacturing high quality hardwood products such as breadboards, tambours and fingerpulls.