Woodfold Accordion Acoustic Partitions

If your application calls for reducing distracting noise as well as adding style to the project, there’s no better solution than Woodfold’s series of acoustic partitions. These Accordion Doors are a sound choice for restaurants, offices, churches, daycare and assisted living centers – in any setting where moderate acoustic control is desired. They’re available in single-wall and dual-wall acoustic construction, a range of laminates, natural hardwood veneers and custom finishes all with a perimeter seal that helps minimize heat loss.

They also save floor and wall space while allowing the reconfiguration of an area at a moment’s notice – easily, quietly and dependably thanks to our durable exclusive steel hardware hinge system. Of course, the last thing you need is a project delay caused by a product arriving in less than perfect condition. For that reason, we individually carton or wood-crate our doors to help ensure our products arrive undamaged.

Series 2100

The series 2100 strikes the perfect balance between reducing noise levels, enhancing the visual aesthetics and managing costs.

Series 3300

The series 3300 is the ideal solution where control over space, sound and heat loss is needed.

Series 4166

The series 4166 provides superior sound control for meeting spaces, medical facilities, and religious institutions.

Series 4188

The series 4188 is similar to the 4166 but comes in larger dual 8′” panels to create greater sound control.

Series H3100

An acoustic partition utilizing a continuous vinyl fabric curtains with exceptional STC ratings, in a range of contemporary finishes and heights to 12 feet.

Series H4100

With an STC sound rating of 41, this also has an increased height availability of 12 feet and an array of vinyl options.