Woodfold Custom Accordion Doors

Woodfold is a top manufacturer of custom-sized accordion doors.  Accordion doors are typically used in churches, schools, residential homes, offices, funeral homes, etc., to divide, close off or create spaces needed in larger rooms.  All Woodfold accordion doors are manufactured to fit into the finished opening dimensions.

Series 220

The series 220 is an ideal solution for those needing to close off closets or laundry rooms when a traditional door isn’t feasible.

Series 240

The series 240 is a great option for dividing rooms where there is a need to create separation with the ability to latch the opening.

Series 440

The series 440 is the perfect solution for those that want to have visibility into a closed off space, yet maintain the same level of division and security.

Series 640

The series 640 is perfect for those looking to either divide or separate a space yet need a refined and contemporary look and feel.