Roll with it: Roll-Up Case Studies

Project Type: Hospitality Venue Enhancement

Problem: A luxury hotel wanted to improve its customer service by being able to separate its low-key breakfast dining area from the noisy kitchen, as well as from the after-hours sports bar.

Solution/Description of the Installation: With the addition of a series of one-of-a kind Roll-Up Doors, the hotel’s kitchen staff is now able to prepare meals without disturbing guests, then raise the doors when ready to serve. The sports bar remains demurely concealed when not open for business. Custom staining for this project created a perfect match with the hotel’s rich woodwork and furnishings.

Project Type: Customer Service Space

Problem: A business with a customer service office wanted a way to reduce its visual distraction to an adjacent area when the service desk was closed for the day.

Solution/Description of the Installation: Woodfold’s motorized ceiling-to-floor Roll-Up Door provided an easy and architecturally elegant way to separate this office space from a public lobby, and will assure lockable security whenever the office is closed.

Project Type: Hospitality Venue Security

Problem: An upscale bar wanted to minimize the time and labor involved in setting up and closing operations each day. Reducing theft was also a key objective.

Solution/Description of the Installation: By installing a series of Woodfold’s lockable Roll-Up Doors, the business does not need to set up its bar stock every day and remove it every night - bottles, glassware, and displays can remain in place and ready for the next business day. New lockable, custom-stained hardwood doors were matched to the bar’s existing millwork, and reduce costly inventory loss.

Project Type: Government Records Security

Problem: A municipal office needed to restrict access to valuable records and documents, but preferred to avoid the typical cold, uninviting security grate.

Solution/Description of the Installation: Woodfold created a unique Roll-Up door that would accommodate a multi-level counter, and richly finished the wood to complement the millwork on site. Interior keylocks ensure protection of the offices’ records.