Custom Bookcase Doors

This Is Not a Bookcase

Doors take up a lot of valuable wall space, and while over-the-door hangers and hooks reclaim some of that space for use, Woodfold has a better answer: Turn that door into extra storage, with a Custom Bookcase Door. Two fixed shelves at the center and bottom reinforce the door’s integrity—making it as sturdy a bookshelf as a door, while four additional shelves adjust to fit your needs. Choose a hardwood veneer and finish to suit your installation, and this bookcase is also a beautiful way to hide anything from gun safes or private back rooms to spooky guest rooms. Each bookcase features our exclusive steel hardware hinge system, making this door easy to use and reliable. Available in widths from 36" to 66," and up to 96" in height.

Residential Solutions:

Holds secrets, holds books

In lofts, studios, or homes where space is at a premium, our custom-crafted Bookcase Door System does double duty, offering privacy or security, as well as storage for books or other items. Even if you’re not running out of room, our Bookcase Door is a clever way to camouflage a wine cellar, a wall safe, or a private retreat.

Commercial Solutions:

Make a case for privacy

Our Bookcase Doors aren’t just a beautiful addition to the home—these innovative and durable systems are found in law firms, schools, banks, mental health practitioners, and offices of all kinds. They add storage or display space, while dividing rooms, discreetly walling off areas from public access, or concealing access to valuables.

Security Solutions:

Sleight of hinge

The Woodfold Bookcase Door System uses its custom quality craftsmanship to divert attention from its other main purpose: hidden door. Our Bookcase System innocently covers whatever you need--wall safes, wine cellars, or secret passages to secret places. When coupled with an interior security door, it becomes the perfect secret entrance to a panic room.

Distinctly attractive and extremely functional, Woodfold's Bookcase Door System offers a smart, space-saving option for everything from closets, pantries and wall safes in homes, to private areas and divided rooms in schools, banks and offices. Some of the features of the Bookcase Door System are:

  • Home or Office Applications
  • Tested to 500 pound load over 50,000 cycles
  • Constructed of furniture grade plywood
  • Stock finishes include Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry
  • Custom Stain & Paint finishes available
  • Ships Assembled with minimum on-site labor
  • Optional Lock

Want to learn more? Check out our Full-Color Catalog or the below entertaining Video of our Bookcase Door in action.

Woodfold Bookcase Lock

Where to buy Woodfold Bookcase Doors

You can special order The Bookcase Door System through several channels:

Or contact us through our on-line form or phone us at 1-503-357-7181 to find a distributor near you.


The Escape


Woodfold Bookcase Documentation

At Woodfold, we’re dedicated to continuing over 50-year tradition of providing you with the finest in custom craftsmanship, product selection and value. But we don’t stop there. We’re also committed to making your job easier and as problem-free as possible. The information below is designed to simplify your specification process and help ensure the selection of a Woodfold Boocase Door that bests meets your client’s needs and application requirements.

Of course, we’re always available to answer any question or comment you might have, so contact us or connect by phone or fax.

Case Study

Project Type: Employees Only Room Bookcase Door

Problem: A company had a seldom used employees only entrance they wanted to make more discreet.

Solution/Description of the Installation: Woodfold's bookcase door allowed the entrance to be less visible to the public while providing a great conversation piece on those occassions it was opened.