Lock it Up or Lock ‘Em Out

Security Options for Accordion Doors and Room Dividers

Accordion doors can quickly close off an area not in use, or divide a room for two uses, simultaneously. But Woodfold accordion doors offer security options for even more flexibility. Our Visifold see-through commercial and retail security doors let potential customers window shop, even after hours, with transparent acrylic panels that invite viewing while securing a storefront. Or, restrict access to private rooms in offices. For greater security, our Alumifold series—in perforated or solid aluminum panels—keeps IT rooms and mall storefonts in safe hands. Whichever series you choose, your new accordion door will be made to fit exactly, with our reliable and durable steel hardware hinge system.

Series 440: Security Accordion Doors

Look, don’t touch!

Show it off while keeping it safe. Woodfold's Visifold Series 440 see-through security doors use heavy-duty acrylic panels and an exclusive steel hardware hinge system for installations with moderate security needs, such as concession stands or gift shops in hotels. Choose from combinations of modern acrylic, hardwood, and/or Vinyl-Lam panels to create the perfect look. ADA compatible.

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Series 540: Security Accordion Doors

Safe and sound and visible

Here’s a door that limits access without limiting the view: the 540 is perfect for offices that want to be able to lock up a room without walling it off in darkness. Think conference rooms with expensive teleconferencing gear, or executive offices that are open when the boss is in and closed when she’s not. Our Series 540 Visifold doors combine flawless operation with the extra protection of a rigid PVC hinge over a steel rod, between the acrylic panels. Our range of tracks, locks, latches, and panels in see-through acrylic, gleaming hardwood, or Vinyl-Lam accommodates any installation. ADA compatible.

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Series 640: Security Accordion Doors

I will always love you

Like a well-dressed bodyguard, Woodfold's Alumifold Series 640 offers strong protection in a sleek package. Woodfold's exclusive steel hardware hinge system ensures durability and smooth operation. Solid or perforated aluminum panels can be finished in bronze, gold, or silver colors, to deliver the privacy and security you want for your IT room, storefront, or prized PEZ collection.

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Series 740: Security Accordion Doors

The name’s 740. Series 740

Security doors have a reputation for looking sturdy and unattractive, but our Alumifold Series 740 uses single-piece, extruded aluminum body panels (either perforated or solid) to give your installation the protection you want with striking good looks—in bronze, gold, or clear (silver) finishes. For nursing stations in residential homes, mall storefronts, or storage in convention centers.

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Other Popular Accordion Door Series

Series 140: Residential/Commercial Accordion Doors

It's your wonder wall

Available in either Vinyl-Lam or hardwood panels, Series 140 is finished front-side only. A great choice for wardrobes, closets, or utility rooms in homes, college dorms, or assisted living residences. It installs lightning fast, with no trimming and no additional clips or pivots, thanks to its top-suspension mounting. ADA compatible.

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Series 2100: Acoustic Partitions

Economical sound dampening

Woodfold's economical Series 2100 single-wall acoustic partitions are ideally suited to schools, churches/religious institutions, and daycares wanting to reconfigure a quieter space at a moment's notice. The full-perimeter seal system also lessens heat loss and air exchange between rooms. Viny-Lam or hardwood panels.

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Series 220: Residential/Commercial Accordion Doors

Twice the door you’ll ever be

The Series 220 double-sided room divider is durable and beautiful—whichever way you look at it. It can also help conserve heat in smaller installations such as family rooms and galley kitchens, or larger group residences. Its hard-working hardware is second only to our heaviest-duty commercial system’s. ADA compatible, in Vinyl-Lam or hardwood panels.

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Series 3300: Acoustic Partitions

Beautiful from any angle

A smart alternative to similar, but more expensive options to reduce noise in lecture, dining, or recovery rooms—in seconds. Series 3300 is perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined, with heavy-duty hardware. This dual-walled partition will offer moderate sound and temperature control for years to come. Choose two finishes for a different look on each side of the divide. Vinyl-Lam or hardwood.

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